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You might wonder how to uninstall Viper – the Anti-plagiarism Scanner completely when trying to install a latest version or switching to another different product. No matter what is the case, it is necessary for you to do it in the right way rather than just drag Viper – the Anti-plagiarism Scanner into recycle bin.
Below are very simple steps that you can follow to easily and completely uninstall it from your computer.

How To Uninstall Viper – the Anti-plagiarism Scanner Manually

Once you’ve identified the unwanted program that you want to remove you must;

Navigate to Start Menu

Find the Programs sub-menu

Locate the Uninstall option and select it

If it’s not there navigate to the root folder of the program and you’ll see it there, if available

Now that the software has been completely removed you will be prompted to restart your system. This will complete the uninstall task. If this not a success then I suggest a force remove, explained below.

NOTE! If you are about to use the first method given above to remove the program, you will be frustrated by finding some residual files, folders, and Windows registry keys, and registry values related to Viper – the Anti-plagiarism Scanner; If you are about to carry out the second method to uninstall, you may run into crashing and blocking issues. So if you want to uninstall manually, you’d better be very careful because some unwanted problems will possibly be generated due to the corruption of system files and damaged registry caused by the incomplete uninstallation.

Uninstall it with a professional uninstaller

As we all know that with the development of the internet technology, there are thousands of uninstallers published around us. Of all the uninstaller I have used, I found that Perfect Uninstaller is really a program that can help uninstall almost any unwanted programs and it provides us several other kinds of services such as back up the registry, Network Interface Card and so on. All of these are very useful in bringing back our computers if there is something wrong.

For more detailed information on how to uninstall Viper – the Anti-plagiarism Scanner, we can directly go here. With the instructions here, I was able to uninstall the corrupted copy from my computer. So if you are having the same problem as mine, I believe it will help you exactly.

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