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Is it hard to fully uninstall Network Clipboard & Viewer for Windows? What are you supposed to do if you are not able to completely remove the program from your PC? Have you tried many times to delete it, but you failed. Doní»t worry. You can learn and follow the removal tips in this article. And the Network Clipboard & Viewer will be easily uninstalled from your laptop.

When the Network Clipboard & Viewer starts to suck itself while you are working with it, it will be pointless let it stay on your computer.

Click on ‘My Computer’ and then delete folders of Network Clipboard & Viewer manually from the below directories:

C:\Program Files\Network Clipboard & Viewer

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Network Clipboard & Viewer

Once these have been deleted, you should remove them from your recycle bin and restart your computer.

To get this done differently, you can take these ways if possible.

Make hidden files and hidden folder visible.

Start>My Documents>Tools>Folder Options>View>Advance settings>Hidden files and folders>Show hidden files and folders>OK

Click Start, and then click Run.

In the Open box, type "%windir%\Network Clipboard & Viewer\spuninst\spuninst.exe", and then click OK.

Follow the wizard instructions to uninstall Network Clipboard & Viewer.

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet technology, there are lots of uninstallers published all around the world, which may do us some help in uninstalling programs. And many people prefer to use an uninstaller to uninstall software from their computer in order to make their computer safe. But on the other hand, we can say that in order to uninstall a program completely, it is very necessary for us to select a correct and valuable uninstaller when trying to seek help from a third party. In my opinion, a useful uninstaller must be easy to operate (not only for computer experts, but also for the fresh hands) and powerful in uninstalling programs, no matter they are visible or hidden.

Uninstall it with its own uninstaller

It will be very easy to uninstall programs with their own uninstallers by simply clicking the uninstall link. To accomplish it, you can go to Start -> All Programs -> Find Network Clipboard & Viewer and then click the uninstall link to begin the uninstall processes.

To ensure a complete uninstallation, it is very necessary for you to check the files and registry and then manually remove some associated entries. But please be careful when you are deleting/modifying some registry entries from your computer for as we all know that some mistakes on the registry will make our computer useless.

But for some reasons, if Network Clipboard & Viewer is not listed in the Add/Remove Programs or corrupted, what should you do? So at this time, a professional uninstaller will be needed.

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